Booth publishes one piece or author per week, smack dab on our home page. Simple as that.

In addition, Booth publishes an annual print issue, usually in the spring.

Booth was established in 2009. Our staff is comprised of MFA Fellows and students in the Butler University graduate writing program. You are officially invited to reach through your machine and tickle our ribs at booth@butler.edu.

Editor: Robert Stapleton
Online Editor: Bryan Furuness
Poetry Editors: Amanda Fagan, Jay Lesandrini
Prose Editors: Traci Cumbay, Alex Mattingly
Art Director: Gautam Rao
Readers: Beth Bates, Colleen Card, Alyssa Chase, Corey Dalton, Jodie English, Barbara Litkowski, Jeremy Noren, Krista Ramsey, Shannon Siegel, Natalie Solmer, Kelly Thomas, Eliza Tudor, Amy VanHorn, Steven Woods