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Mysticism in Religion: taking a deeper look

      by Lynn Alsatie From the beginning of my internship at the Center for Interfaith Cooperation, I found myself to be going through a time in which I was deconstructing and rebuilding my beliefs about everything that is around me. Working in many of the CIC’s events helped me because they provided spaces […]

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Finding Connections Through Conversation…

by Salman Qureshi I’ve always been drawn to conversation. Whether I’m at the dinner table or I’m at a ball game, I’ve always found dialogue as a tool to connect with people. Dialogue allows people with different backgrounds to learn about each other’s differences and find the similarities between them. This inspired me to find […]

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by Natalie Smith Center for Faith and Vocation Communications Intern Growing up, I attended very diverse schools. I was always surrounded by people who came from different backgrounds and looked, thought and spoke differently than I did. I thought this was a completely normal experience for anyone my age. Arriving at Butler, I quickly realized […]

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