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Archive for January, 2018

Helping to Achieve Dreams at Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic

By Monica Wright   A few weeks ago, during a slow spell, a woman came into our office for a criminal record expungement. This is not uncommon, we see a number of people every day for this reason, and help them in any way we can. However, this woman immediately caught my attention because of […]

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Center for Interfaith Cooperation Internship-one of the most rewarding experiences

by Nick Maicke ’18 When I applied to become an intern at the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (man, it seems like years ago), there was really no way for me to predict just how much I would gain from the experience. The open-ended nature of the internship and the extremely flexible and dedicated nature of […]

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On Faith and the Intersection of Religions

By Maham Nadeem ’19 This past semester I served as the CFV interfaith intern. In this capacity, I served as the chair of the Interfaith Council. I was able to work with a vibrant, energetic, and engaged group of students all coming together to discuss faith. As the chair, it was my responsibility to choose […]

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