Butler University’s College of Education recipients of the 2015 National Model of Excellence Award for AILACTE!

College of Education has been notified that we are the recipients of the 2015 National Model of Excellence for The Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education (AILACTE). We are very honored to receive this prestigious award.

The award criteria included the following statement of distinction:

An exceptional AILACTE institution is engaged in substantial P-12 partnerships that are forged on the basis of mutual goals for preparing effective beginning teachers. Partnerships include collaboration within and between institutions. This can mean that departments and faculty members in teacher education work with counterparts in the liberal arts, with teacher education programs in other institutions and/or with P-12 schools. Each partner has structures and resources to support the work of the collaboration. The attitudes and understandings of the partnership design support major goals of an effective teacher education program. The partnerships demonstrate sustainability over time.

We believe that Butler’s College of Education strives to build exceptional partnerships across the university, in our local schools and across the Indianapolis community. This award also builds upon the Carnegie Foundation’s recognition of our Community Engagement Efforts.

In this challenging time of teacher education it certainly takes all those who are passionate about this profession to lift it up and give it the recognition it so richly deserves. We are grateful to our faculty, for it is the side by side effort that will allow Butler to be an exemplary beacon of how our next generation of teachers can be prepared.