2018 Year in Review | How HMHSE Molded Me

How HMHSE Molded Me
By Carl Sanders ‘18

My academic advisor, Dr. Farley, often tells undergraduate students, “You don’t know what you don’t know yet.”  As a graduating 5th year student, I now understand what she means.  I will graduate in May as a Human Movement & Health Science Education (HMHSE) major, but my educational path has been unique. I came into Butler as an exploratory studies major. Not knowing what I wanted to do, I enrolled in many classes within several of the 6 colleges at Butler. What led me to HMHSE was an introductory class I was enrolled in, having conversations with the professors, and ultimately sitting in on a 300-level class on nutrition and health content (Concepts of Health Education – PE 322). That was when I knew HMHSE was the best fit for me. Because I am passionate about advocating for living a healthy life, this was the perfect area of study for me.

HMHSE is the perfect fit for an athlete, a competitor, a fitness enthusiast, and someone who wants to help others be healthier.  When the Recreation and Sports Studies minor was approved, I eagerly added that to my degree.  During discussion about the creation of the Sport Coaching minor, I had the privilege of being part of the conversation about the curriculum. As the first student to declare this minor, I was able to give feedback on classes that I had experienced, as well as being in a pilot for two of the newest courses. That experience alone pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that I grew tremendously as a person, student and future colleague. While participating in my required major coursework and adding two minors, I also chose to pursue the Leadership Certificate through coursework offered in the College of Education.  I felt the combination of these choices demonstrated my desire to be a leader.

I initially chose to attend Butler because I had the potential to continue my dream of playing baseball, as well as to receive an education that is nationally recognized. But while at Butler, I was also challenged to gain as much experience in diverse interests as I could while being a student. When I stopped playing baseball, I was given the chance to try coaching. I began working with Zionsville High School’s varsity team four years ago, added head coaching responsibilities at Zionsville West Middle School 3 years ago, and have been an assistant coach at the competitive travel baseball team level for 2 years. While coaching, I was provided an opportunity to work in athletic administration at Zionsville Middle School. For a time, I thought that was where I would remain – in administration.  However, as I was experiencing teaching in schools and I had to choose whether to complete an internship or student teach, it dawned on me that I yearned for more experience working WITH the students and really wanted to obtain my teaching license.

After graduation in May, my hope is to become a physical education teacher at the middle school or high school level, continue to coach baseball and to work alongside with the athletic department at the school in which I am employed. I would still love to be an Athletic Director at a high school and I feel that the experiences I have already amassed will help me really understand how to lead in that role. I feel I have been provided the opportunity to lay a broad foundation while in the HMHSE program in order to achieve that.

My Butler experience and education has been a journey not all can relate to. I would not change anything about my education, as I have grown tremendously. Without my COE education and support, my hopes and dreams upon graduation would not be possible or even imaginable. The relationships built with professors and the friendships created with peers has been nothing but the best, and without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I still don’t know what I don’t know, but at least now I know it.