Human Movement and Health Science Education collaborates with the Center for Academic Technology

Dr. Mindpe331 1y Welch and her PE 331 Physical and Health Education Methods for Early and Middle Childhood class were first to utilize the new Video Lounge in the Center for Academic Technology (CAT), recently relocated to the third floor of Irwin Library. CAT hosted their annual digital videography orientation. This is the eighth consecutive year that Dr. Mindy Welch has worked closely with Jeana Rogers, Academic Technology Specialist, to lead the digital video trainings for her class. Information Commons student assistant, Sammie Chalmers, also helped with the training session. Butler’s Academic Technology Specialists are equipped to help find solutions to the technology needs of the faculty and are able to discuss how technology can be effectively used in their classrooms.

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All students in the Human Movement and Health Science Education (HMHSE) program experience a three-semester Methods course sequence. Digital video technology is paramount for all three courses. HMHSE students. The students use digital video technology to video and audio record a total of 28 teaching episodes in their practicum. PE 331 students will be at the Butler Lab School for the sixth straight year. They students code the videos and using various systematic observation tools aimed at specific variables, such as teacher movement, teacher feedback, and motor task practices. Video analysis helps students analyze, reflect on, and plan instruction for their own teaching assessments. This group will teach 14 times over 7 weeks at the Butler Lab School with Jill Allen (’13) in the Movement Studio starting Feb. 9. Dr. Welch has created an innovative way to use digital/video technology for assessment, in turn creating better teachers who possess self-awareness!