Logo Licensing & Apparel

The logos below must be used only with a Butler licensed vendor.

Butler University Logos

What is the process for ordering items bearing the Butler marks?
Step 1: Identify a licensed vendor.

Step 2: Work with the vendor on design options

Step 3: The vendor will send preferred design to SMA, where the design must be approved according to the guidelines of the Logo and Trademark Licensing Administrative Policy Statement.  If your design is not approved, the vendor will work with you on another option.

Step 4: Place the order

Can I alter a mark?
No. Altering a mark would hurt it’s integrity. This would dilute the strength and value of the mark.  The Butler logo should only appear in black, white or PMS 541 Butler Blue, unless written approval is requested.

How can I obtain a list of licensees?
See the list of Butler licensed vendors or email Lindsay Martin, Manager of Sport Marketing & Promotions, for further questions, lmartin@butler.edu


Remember:  when ordering with a Butler logo/trademark you must use a licensed vendor.