Exploring into the depths of his wolf’s den,
the fool discovers a sheep in a dog’s wool,
lonely, yet striving for adventure.

Sun, moon, space–
a never-ending continuum surrounding an abyss.
Ocean blue skies entrap the ivory shore.
The fool stares at the hungry gaping sea,
ominous, infinite, and embraces it as a friend.

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If I said I
needed help
would you give it
to me?
Could you really
look past
my power of
It seems that when
it comes
to the truth, it’s all
been swallowed.
But no matter how much
I take in I still
feel hollow.
I don’t know why
my thoughts
make me feel so
These days it
seems sleeping
is the
only remedy.
I tell them I
wasn’t crying because
that would
be crazy.
I say I’m just
that I’m sick, now
my stomach
There’s a pain
in my chest I
feel it about
to burst.
Happy endings are
only for
the lucky
But even those have
faded so we’re
left with
We’re left with
fortune seeking, lucky one



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There! Look!! Here’s here!
He always has that bag
with him. I wonder
what it is.

Could it be a weapon?
Could they want to
hurt my family?

No! I must stop him!
I shall!

What’s that smell? … OH! It’s bad…
He always smells like that!
I always try to make noise form
my family to hear but …
they never come out
and see.


Look! There’s more people!! It always gets me
angry… why are they with my family.
I try to warn them but all they do is get
closer with the others. I warn them
even more and it just doesn’t work. There he comes …
my dad. He always plays around with me.
He’s the only one I’m scared of and listen to. I know
that if I don’t listen to him I’m gonna get hurt.
But I know its for my own good. He told
me to come here with a playful voice.
I ran over there. I was hoping he would
let me go. “Sit boy, sit!” he said in his weird
Spanish accent. I sat. He took something
heavy off of me. I ran around him like
crazy so we could play. “Good boy,” said my dad.
He gave me a treat while he put the leash on me.
Here we go . . . off to walk.

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Pointless People

Growing age

Deadly Diseases

Meaningless Racism

Over-Dosing Drugs

Terrible Music





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by LYZ

Imagine, you’re 9 and living on
a farm. You love playing with the pigs
and riding the horses everyday.

Imagine, you’re 13 and animals
seem to keep disappearing. You try
to question father, but he’s not listening.

Imagine, you’re 16 and it’s your
turn. Your turn to hurt them, to
end them after such a good life.
You end the life of that innocent little

Imagine, you’re 20 and living with
your spouse. You’re a vegetarian.
You hated hurting those animals.
You try to sop the world of the
terrible thing. Never again you hurt
an animal.

Imagine, you’re 24 and you ended
the world’s hunger from meat.
Everyone is eating green and living


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