Wind. Breeze. Air currents. The powerful energizers that pierce my soul with life and power.  As my heart jump-starts, I awake on the acres of elegant, healthy grass blades.  I am surprised how quickly I rise to my bare feet and spread my average wingspan to embrace the icy winds. I’m dead. I know it. I feel it. I sense it. I remember only flashes and fragments of my last moments on earth before Death himself touched my heart and ascended to this paradise. But I am not an ignorant fool.  I know this place better than my own hand. This is Hell. This is Purgatory.

Well now that God has burdened me to this realm I needed to pure the so called “sins” that I have committed.  I needed to work my way up from the ground to the peak of Mount Purgatory.  How, you ask? Simple. By slaying demons.

I began my journey to enlightenment by traveling one of Purgatory’s large forests. I needed to search for tools. I needed weapons.  I walked through the splinters of light and shadow. Searching for a javelin or a sword or anything. But instead I found nothing. Nothing. But I saw something. A light. A refraction. A gleam of light and rays. Salvation with a point.  I sprinted over and grabbed the object hoping it was a sword. A long blade.

“A KNIFE!!!!!!!!!!” I exclaimed. Purgatory sent me a knife to slay demons with a goddamn knife! I felt a claw on my shoulder’s and in a flash I was in the air screaming for my dear life. I looked up and saw my destroyer.

It had red eyes and gray skin with black nightmarish wings of chaos. Fear itself stared me down. I blindly pulled the knife and lashed out on my killer, penetrating the soft gray flesh with the hard cold blade of my wrath.

He burst into golden dust before my eyes and so did the hard grip keeping me from falling. I lashed out like a fish out of water, as if trying to fly without wings.

Gravity reached out and gripped me with it’s enormous hand pulling me to the ground. I fell straight through the trees scraping and cutting my skin. I fell onto the ground felling the wrath of momentum. My head was dizzy and my vision was doubled.

“One down, one million to go,” my head dropped into unconsciousness.

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