Man on the street: Immigration Bills

“I feel that people should come here legally. You know, I was an immigrant myself and I did it legally. I took the time to get the paperwork and everything. And I have no problem with people here illegally, but I believe that’s how it should be done.”

-Betty Caputo, McCordsville Resident

Indianapolis resident Terrell Parker

“From what I’ve read so far I believe that they are unconstitutional.”

-Lee Buckley, Indianapolis Resident


“I don’t support [the bills] because they’re discriminatory. Its basically like racial profiling and I don’t support racial profiling.”

-Terrell Parker, Indianapolis Resident


“Latino Youth Collective is very involved in educating about YSB 590. They had the five students that were arrested for a sit-in in Mitch Daniel’s office. I believe their court hearing was a couple of days ago, so yeah hey, I don’t know what they were charged with. Indiana is one of the states that doesn’t do undocumented students, doesn’t give them the same tuition. It’s pretty intense.”

-Dana Black, AmeriCorps Volunteer

AmeriCorps volunteer Dana Black

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