Practice over Winter Break

During winter break (December 10, 2011- January 17, 2012), Butler members will practice with the Indianapolis dojo at Liverite Fitness. For current practice schedules please see the Indianapolis Shotokan website.

Butler club meeting

Hey, a quick reminder to Butler dojo members. We’ll be having a short practice next Wednesday, October 27, followed by a meeting to discuss issues and plans for the club. We’ll arrange rides so no need to worry about transportation. See you there!

Welcome to the Butler Shotokan Karate blog!

Hello everyone,

The new school year is now well underway and so is practice for our club! I am the current president of the Butler Shotokan Karate Club, aka the “Butler dojo” and so far this year we’ve started off on the right foot. We have three new white belts who have been practicing now for around a month, along with returning white belts (myself included) and our fearless leaders, the brown and black belts from the Indy dojo. Practice the past month has emphasized a return to basics, both to bring our new members up to practice and to remind all of us to be realistic about our basic techniques. We have been practicing front stance, basic blocks- gedan barai and age uke, and oizuki (front punch). In the past few weeks our new members have learned heian shodan, the first of our basic kata or “forms”, and had their first taste of ippon gumite, basic one-attack sparring. Everyone’s spirit in practice has been strong, so let’s keep it up!

The club is looking into planning and participating in several SKA (Shotokan Karate of America) events this year, including winter Special Training hosted by the Indianapolis dojo, potential exchange practices, tournaments, and Spring in the South. More information about these events will be forthcoming as the year goes on.

Even though our new members have been practicing for around a month already, now is still a great time to get started if you are thinking about joining! Remember, no previous martial arts experience is required to join. Check out the “How to Join” tab for more information.

That’s all for now. As our local sensei, John Teramoto, always says:

Wake up!