The team is compromised of players of many levels of experience, ranging from 15 years to athletes just learning the game. The team practices three days a week and schedules about 8 games over the course of the fall and spring seasons.


The Butler Men’s Lacrosse program began in 1993. They competed at the NCAA Division I level and continued until 2007 when the University suddenly decided to disband the program. However, many men at Butler still wanted to play lacrosse and a group of players started the club team in March of 2007.

Executive Board

President – Zack Davidoff (zdavidof@butler.edu)

Vice President – Nick Scalise (nscalise@butler.edu)

Treasurer – Phil Osolinski (posolins@butler.edu)

Coach – Eddie Wilde (ewilde@butler.edu)

Assistant Coach – Craig Cwynar (ccwynar@butler.edu)

Questions about Butler Lacrosse?

Feel free to email the officer that is most closely related to your question.

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