• What is Commitment?

    By Kristen Johnson BUTLER UNIVERSITY View “What is Commitment?” Script

  • “Crushing the Big Dream”: real stories of Division I football recruiting

    Story, photos and screenshots by Marais Jacon-Duffy BUTLER UNIVERSITY Six seniors from Archbishop Moeller High School were honored on national signing day, clad in dress shirts and college ballcaps. The smiling family members click away taking pictures of the boys. Members of the news media are present, taking notes. Head football coach John Rodenberg has […]

  • Food Allergies Challenge 15 Million Americans at Every Meal

    By Luke Shaw BUTLER UNIVERSITY Simon Bosslet is 6-years-old when he tastes his first Snickers bar. He and his twin brother, Eli, have just completed their first independent trick-or-treat run around the block. Simon is dressed as Ron Weasley, and his brother is Harry Potter. Simon knows his mom won’t let him eat all his […]

  • With latest proposal, spotlight shines again on IHSAA class system

    By Colin Likas | BUTLER UNIVERSITY | Photos and videos by Colin Likas, photos from IHSAA.org Indiana high school basketball—a viewing pastime for so many on Friday nights in the winter months—could soon experience a major change. The Indiana Basketball Coaches Association has presented a proposal that would change the class system in boys’ basketball. […]

  • Nuclear Proves to Be a Reliable Energy Source

    By Shelby Seibring BUTLER UNIVERSITY Every summer, thousands of people flock to the Clinton Lake where they enjoy tubing, water skiing, drinking beers and laying out on the 1,000-foot white sand beach. This lake was built thirty-six years ago as part of the Clinton Nuclear Power Station’s building process. The warm waters fill the lake […]

  • Community News Beat

  • The hard worker that every citizen notices.

    The hard worker that every citizen notices.

    By Moe Simmons BUTLER UNIVERSITY Behind the quiet, patient and relaxed look on Brooke Klejnot’s face, there is an ambitious, tenacious and diligent woman for the Broad Ripple neighborhood. Klejnot is the executive director of the Broad Ripple Village Association.

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  • Hurley's neighborhood aloha

    Hurley’s neighborhood aloha

    BREANNA MANLEY Butler University  Nearly five years ago Hawaiian native Maeleen Hurley brought the warmth of her smile to Indianapolis’ Butler-Tarkington neighborhood. She can be found at Hubbard and Cravens Coffee and Tea recommending the pumpkin-spice cream cheese muffin. She

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