• Hoops, Hope & Change: How Basketball Helped Two Indiana Schools Make History

    By Lance Rinker BUTLER UNIVERSITY Explore a portion of Indiana’s illustrious basketball history and learn about how two schools ignited hope and change in the ‘Hoosier State.’   Click here to read the script.

  • Make Good Decisions: The Brett Finbloom Story

    By Michael Becker BUTLER UNIVERSITY A rude awakening Norm and Dawn Finbloom made the 15-minute drive from their quiet Carmel, Ind. subdivision to St. Vincent Heart Center of Indiana in 10 minutes. The whole thing was a blur, a nightmare really. After the ring of the phone jolted them from their sleep a quarter till [...]

  • The Quest to Save Young Black Men

    By Aisha Townsend BUTLER UNIVERSITY Eric Brown, 14, has become very familiar with jail. After being in and out of courts at the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center eight times, Brown is now on house arrest with a very detailed probation. Brown’s father is also in and out of jail, making his absence a trigger [...]

  • Indianapolis’ rise to a sports identity

    By Marissa Johnson BUTLER UNIVERSITY A Friday night at 7 p.m. All quiet. Everything closed. Few people in sight. A ghost town. If it were Texas tumbleweeds might blow across the dusty streets. If you shot a canon down the street, you wouldn’t hit a single soul. But this was not the Wild West.  There [...]

  • A soldier’s sacrifice

      By Bree Stitt BUTLER UNIVERSITY  About one year ago, Army Sgt. Rex Tharp checked his pre-combat inspections for all important or sensible items. He packed his batteries for items that needed them and then set foot to patrol through the dusty desert of Kandahar, Afghanistan to look for the Taliban and gain information on [...]

  • Community News Beat

  • Butler Tarkington: A diverse, divide

    Butler Tarkington: A diverse, divide

    By Taylor Jade Powell Marnie Robinson crosses into the southern side of Butler Tarkington on her bus ride to work at the Subway on 38th Street. At the bus stop people panhandle and ask her for money. This happens often.

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  • Change in Meridian Kessler is inevitable

    Change in Meridian Kessler is inevitable

    By Courtney West BUTLER UNIVERSITY Meridian Kessler is working to transition from their reputation of solely being a neighborhood of affluence to a well-defined area that caters to a larger variety of people, including Millennials. Since 1905, Meridian Kessler has

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