How can I get an Enrollment Verification?

  1. Login and click arrow Self Service > Student Center.
  2. In the Academics area, click on the Other Academics… dropdown and select Enrollment Verification, then click the go button with double arrow button.
  3. In the Processing Options, select whether the enrollment verification should print from your screen, or be mailed to the address you specify.Request enrollment verification screen
  4. If you’re using the mail option, you must enter a recipient address into the form. (The address appears on the final enrollment verification report.) You can either:
    • Check the Send to My Address box, then choose which of your addresses to send the report to in the Address Type dropdown.
    • Enter a “Send to” name and click the “Edit Address” link to enter another address.
  5. If you want to send multiple enrollment verifications, click the button and enter additional addresses.
  6. When you are finished setting up your options, click the submit button button.

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