About Us

Who We Are

Pressgang is a small press affiliated with the MFA Program in Creative Writing at Butler University. Our mission is to publish narrative lit: stories, essays, memoirs, novels.

What We Like

Literary heft and helium. Seriousness of purpose, surprising execution, the well-wrought joke, the well-crafted sentence. The blurring of boundaries.Think  Vonnegut meets Saunders meets Poe. Think Byron meets Bulgakov, Gogol, Nabokov. Think Kafka and Beckett. Think Lorrie Moore, think Laurie Anderson, think Lemony Snickett. Think Dorothy Parker mixed with Edward Gorey meets Steven Millhauser meets Dickens with a word limit. PRESSGANG.

Our Affiliates

Butler University MFA Program in Creative Writing Vivian S. Delbrook Visiting Writers Series
The Efroymson Center for Creative Writing Booth