Individual Events A dozen students now participate in a full range of events including informative, persuasive and extemporaneous speaking plus oral interpretation of prose, poetry and drama.  This year we plan to travel to ten to twelve tournaments.  We will also be hosting a tournament in the Spring.

Parliamentary Debate We have begun a new venture into Parliamentary Debate.  We travel to 2 or 3 tournaments a semester and this year will offer a workshop in September for other schools exploring debate.

Participation We are open to any Butler student in good academic standing, regardless of previous experience.  Course credit is available.

Team Awards A member of the Butler University Speech Team placed first in the nation in Persuasion at the 2009 Novice National tournament and our Parliamentary Debate team went to Semi-finals.  Our students have won numerous awards at tournaments throughout the Midwest.

For further information of the Forensic program, contact:

Janis Crawford

Director of Forensics

Butler University

Indianapolis, IN, 46208