Pre-Welcome Week Programs

Connect with Campus Early

Why wait until Welcome Week to meet fellow bulldogs? You can serve within the community, hone your leadership skills, prepare for college life, learn what goes into planning a major sporting event, or have a wilderness adventure. Regardless of which you choose, start connecting with other Butler students early! Applications and registrations for the programs below are now OPEN! Click the tab to see more information about each program, including a link to register. 


Dawg Days is our annual Diversity Orientation Program. It is designed to acquaint our new students from diverse backgrounds with current students, faculty, and staff in a more intimate setting. Activities provide a wonderful opportunity for those from underrepresented populations to bond and become acclimated to the campus culture and environment.

What past participants have said:

  • “Dawg Days helped me make friends with individuals that I am still friends with, and it has honestly helped mold me into the young woman I am now at this point in my college career. Dawg Days gave me a safe haven at Butler – the Diversity Center.”
  • “I participated in Dawg Days my freshman year and it was such a memorable experience. I met some of my best friends through this program and I would like the chance to be the reason why someone else says the same next year.”
  • “I am interested in being a diversity ambassador in order to give back to the program that gave so much to me. I had a great first year at Butler thanks to Dawg Days and I would like to recreate the same experience for incoming freshman. The academic workshops were invaluable in preparing me for the classroom.”

When: Early residence hall move in Tuesday, Aug. 16.

Cost: $180 includes meals, transportation, and activities.

Bring: Lots of energy and enthusiasm!

Minimum: 15
Maximum: 35

Need more information? Visit the official Diversity Programs page.

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Welcome to Sports Town! explores how large sporting events like the Indianapolis 500, NCAA Final Four®, and the Super Bowl are coordinated. By tapping into our vast Butler network, our goal is to explore many aspects of preparing for center stage, world-class events. We will be meeting with key members of sports associations, visiting venues, and considering the impact of the sports industry on the region.

What past participants have said:

  • “I want to thank you for helping to make my transition to college easy and fun. I am now at ease. I feel as though I have a great group of friends and I am one step ahead of the game.”
  • “Participation opened my eyes to a career I had never imagined but now I know it encompasses many of my strengths and passions.”
  • “I already feel at home because of the early days.  I know my campus, I know some faculty, I know my city and I made friends!”

Who: Sports fans; those interested in sports, recreation and/or event planning as a career interest.

When: Early residence hall move in Wednesday, Aug. 17. Program begins at 4:00p.m.

Cost: $240 includes transportation, meals, and activity fees.

Bring: A jersey from your favorite sports team.

Minimum: 12
Maximum: 30

Registration is full.


This program provides an adventure that begins by traveling from Butler to Morengo Cave National Landmark in southern Indiana where you will experience a cave crawl tour,  enjoy kayaking on the Blue River,  and camping.  You will then travel  to the Red River Gorge in Kentucky to hike and camp in the Natural Bridge State Park. You will also climb the Via Farretta at Torrent Falls Climbing Adventures and experience an awesome Red River Gorge zip line tour! On the final day of our trip, you will travel back to campus to take on Butler’s High Challenge Course. Each of you will have the opportunity to establish a community and lasting friendships!

What past participants have said:

  • “It was such an amazing experience and it really helped me feel so much more comfortable once we got back to Butler.”
  • “These activities allow to you to learn what you can do—encouragement, communication, and how to get through when you are stuck.”
  • “Simply amazing trip. It was a wonderful way to meet people!”
  • “I got to meet so many people and form such great friendships.”

Who: Outdoor enthusiasts willing to teach and learn new skills.

When: Early residence hall move in on Monday, Aug. 15, by noon and leave campus by 3:00p.m.

Cost: $465 includes transportation, meals, equipment, and guides.

Bring: Clothing to keep you warm and dry and personal items. A suggested packing list will be provided.

Minimum: 8
Maximum: 30 participants

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Ambassadors of Change (AOC) is a week-long program that focuses on service and leadership. Participants will engage in daily service projects, discuss social issues with classmates and community members, and work on small group projects. Fun evening activities round out each day, providing plenty of opportunities to get to know classmates and the city of Indianapolis! Learn more at the AOC Webpage.

What past participants have said:

  • “I loved every moment of AOC. My most favorite experience was when all of us went to the Fuller House. It was really eye opening and impactful to watch everyone working together as a team.”
  • “My most meaningful moment of this program was helping at Gleaners which greatly increased their productivity for the day by sorting 7,000 pounds of food that would have taken longer without AOC’s help. Also, helping the lone employee of Fall Creek Gardens was very meaningful because the work we did wouldn’t have been completed in a day with just the one employee.”
  • “AOC taught me not only how to get involved in the community, but also how to step up as a leader and do what needs to be done. It taught me how to be more open about who I am and my experiences which I can definitely use in the future as a way help others and even become more of a leader and an active citizen.”

Who: First year students who have a passion for community engagement, leadership, and service. Participants should be willing to work hard while having fun with a schedule that is power packed & a week full of life changing experiences.

When: Early residence hall move in Monday, Aug. 15th. Program begins at 2 p.m.

Cost: $260 includes transportation, meals, and activity fees.

Bring: Work clothes and a refillable water bottle will be needed for service projects. Student will be informed regarding more specifics once they are selected for the program.

Maximum: 66.

Registration Form – Credit Card

*Note: The application for AOC was due on June 17, 2016 and is now closed.