Schedules & Checklists

There is so much to consider and prepare for when it comes to Welcome Week and the start of the school year.  We want to make sure that incoming Butler students are  well informed and feel comfortable with the expectations and elements  of Welcome Week  Below are links to resources for students and families to review:

  • Checklists – Use this checklist to help you prepare for Welcome Week and beyond.
  • Events – This page contains both required and optional events for ALL students and parents throughout move-in weekend and Welcome Week.  Please note that many events are optional, and may be held concurrently – use this page to help map out the events you want to attend, as well as the events that are required.
  • Available Services and Departments – This page outlines what amenities are available on campus, as well as when various departments will be open for optional consultation
  • Auditions & Rehearsals Schedule – Students entering the Jordan College of the Arts (JCA) have additional items to schedule such as auditions and placement hearings.  This page outlines those events for JCA students, as well as students participating in marching band.  Additionally, this page highlights several opportunities for any students to audition and join in on rehearsals for certain organizations.