Tracy Mishkin in Great Lakes Review

Tracy Mishkin’s (’17) poem “What Work Isn’t” was published by Great Lakes Review. The title is a play on “What Work Is” by Detroit native Philip Levine.

From “What Work Isn’t”:

You’re building a machine that turns everything
into a joke. Pallets, clotheslines, odd bits
of hose. Every project half-finished or never quite
begun. How is sodden carpet worth saving?

Kaveh Akbar in The New Yorker

“What Use Is Knowing Anything if No One Is Around,” a poem by Kaveh Akbar (’15), appeared in the June 5th, 2017 issue of The New Yorker. Not only can you read it here, but you can hear Kaveh read it.




Below is a selected list of Kaveh’s recent publications.

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“Portrait of the Alcoholic with Shattered Pelvis,” Georgia Review

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For updates on publication and a list of Kaveh’s readings, visit his new website kavehakbar.com

John Ekerd in (b)Oink

John Eckerd (’17) has a poem in b(Oink). “We Come from the Real” is published under the pen name John Leo.

Here’s a sneak peak:

What I need is to escape into the material,
the way of cinderblocks and bones, but even

the lint in my belly bears a fragment of abstraction.
What I need is to ditch metaphor and disappear

into an actual coffee table starry with watermarks,