• The journey of yoga

    Story and Media By
    Jylian Vigar
    Above photo by Jylian Vigar
    “The key to any lasting contentment is learning to see and accept reality for what it is and then acting skillfully, rather than reacting when reality fails to conform to our expectations.”
    ― Bhava Ram, The 8 Limbs of Yoga
    The eight limbs of yoga act as guidelines for how to live a meaningful and purposeful life.
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  • Hoosier Craft Beer

    A documentary about the craft beer scene in Indianapolis.

  • “More Than A Lifer”

    (Photo Courtesy For Above: Chris Bergin, The New York Times)

    Born in lower Manhattan. Raised in The Bronx. Was most valuable player in a high school all-star game at Madison Square Garden.
    Came to Naptown. Put the Circle City on the map. Built a fieldhouse. And a Hoosier legacy.
    According to former NBA Commissioner David Stern: “He’s one of the management greats of our time.”


  • Hardwood Heartbreak

    Coach Ryan Klingler watched as the best player on his Fennville High School basketball team cut through the Bridgman High defense for an easy bucket. Wes Leonard had just given the Blackhawks a 57-55 lead with 25 seconds left.
    One defensive stop later and the Blackhawks had done it. 20-0. The school’s first ever undefeated regular season. A sea of black and orange rushed the court to celebrate.
    Klingler walked to the locker room to get a ladder so his team could cut down the nets and preserve a lifelong memory.
    As he rounded the old wooden bleachers in a gym filled with the stench of sweat, he heard his brother screaming his name. He knew something was wrong.
    Klingler returned to the court to see Wes lying on the gym floor surrounded by hundreds of Blackhawks fans. He was not breathing.
    Klingler’s euphoric high turned to a tragic low. An entire small West Michigan community would soon be grieving the loss of a beloved young athlete.

  • Indianapolis News Beat

  • North Central is home for Paul Loggan

    North Central is home for Paul Loggan

    By Max Gabovitch BUTLER UNIVERSITY Andy Elkins walked into North Central High School a nervous wreck. He was headed to interview with Paul Loggan for a job as the school’s assistant athletic director. As the interview began, Elkins’ nerves began

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  • The love of the sport

    The love of the sport

    By Vincent Mitchell Butler University  “Stop kicking the ball on the wall Phil”, he heard every time he played or practiced in the back yard. Phil Presser, 34 year old, an Indiana native, can’t remember a time not playing, coaching

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