• Lindsay Labas finds joy behind the scenes as Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation marketing director

    By Jylian Vigar BUTLER UNIVERSITY Lindsay Labas was not someone who knew what she wanted to be when she grew up. She never had that one passion. As a graphic design student at Purdue University she took one marketing class and she did pretty well. “I thought that might be something I was interested in, […]

  • Modern-Day Nomad: Magdalena Hoyos-Segovia

    By Emma Edick BUTLER UNIVERSITY Light floods through the gallery’s windows like a summer sunrise during the first snowfall of the year. Relaxing music trumps the sound of the heater. Cars drive by on Main Street in Carmel’s Art and Design District. The light wood floors and clean white walls inside the gallery let the […]

  • Hamilton County parks superintendent finds her calling

      By Mike Murtaugh BUTLER UNIVERSITY Amanda Smith can recall her first memorable experience with nature like it was just yesterday. Coming home from school one day in sixth grade, Smith said that she remembers noticing that her mother and her stepfather had cut down her favorite tree in the backyard, leaving just a stump […]

  • Voter turnout worries officials

    MATTHEW VANTRYON | BUTLER Carmel resident Seth Ely did not come out to the polls in the city’s most recent election. “I respect the fact that I have the right to vote, but I feel like the amount of time it takes to think about it and consider the options and really make an educated […]

  • Alfreeda Goff: Making others her priority

    By Ben Sieck BUTLER UNIVERSITY Anton Goff yearned to start his senior year at East Allegheny High School. He had spent his entire life in the Pittsburgh area, and it was time for one last hurrah. A standout athlete, college scouts already noticed his play on the football field. For his mother, Alfreeda Goff, he […]

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  • Working Under the Poverty Level

    Working Under the Poverty Level

    Shantel Knight holds together the Subway restaurant on Illinois Street. Between carpooling those without cars, leaving nightly checklists for her associates and training to be a general manager, Knight has finally earned the opportunity to make her living situation a

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  • Redistricting Reform in the Near Future

    Redistricting Reform in the Near Future

    By Trish Barton BUTLER UNIVERSITY  Note to Readers: Redistricting of congressional and state legislative districts will be a key topic in coming months in Indiana and around the country. The district line decisions are important to citizens because of impact

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  • Carmel's Constant Growth

    Carmel’s Constant Growth

    By Paige Liston BUTLER UNIVERSITY Niki Kingston has lived in the city of Carmel her entire life. Since 1993, she has seen the city grow and develop into the place it is today. “So many new apartments are going up

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  • An Overview of Carmel Redevelopment

    An Overview of Carmel Redevelopment

    By Kirsten Adair BUTLER UNIVERSITY When Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard was first elected, he vowed to grow and strengthen the city. Driving through downtown Carmel 20 years later, residents will pass the Arts and Design District, City Center, and other

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