by ZIV

Bolton St. was a quiet street with great neighbors and a restaurant at the end. Bolton St., Baltimore, Maryland. My old street was great. I had a good time with friends there. Everyone was in walking distance: friends, family, the pool, great restaurants. I loved the area, we had the symphony in the distance. The BSO had good performances. We could walk down to Ravens games and Orioles games. Camden yards was the area where the Orioles played every home game. There were some stores like Rite-Aid or Save-A-Lot that were near where I lived, walking distance to be exact. There was a park down down the street where me and my friends would play football or throw a baseball around. I remember playing video games over at a friend’s house; this is probably how I grew to like video games. This is why I loved my old street, it was filled with good and loyal friends, a pool to go to during the summer and neighbor’s homes to go to for parties.


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