As children, we have a hero,
A role model, an inspiration.
We need someone to dream about.
To be without, what do we aspire
To be? Mine was Billie Joe Armstrong.
My hero from the start listening
To Green Day, day-in, day-out.
Green Day was my everything and Billie Joe, the centerpiece.
He stood up for his views even when others didn’t care.
He’s just as entitled to an opinion, and he used his voice unlike I ever could.
Why stay quiet when you have an audience — people to listen, people who care
And actually consider what you have to say.
When you’re a nobody like me few care
to hear me, but with an audience I could share it all.
So I look up to him and hope some day I’ll be the same
As him, using my voice and music just like him to share
My thoughts even when others don’t care
Because, like it or not, this is how I feel.


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