She pressed my start button. I’m awake. It’s time to start. Then she goes through my walkthrough.

It’s my turn. My turn to start.

I’m walking and learning to play my own game.

I’m getting better, learning movements, leveling up.

(I’ve got my own style, moving on my own, growing older.)

There’s always a new challenge. Some the game makes your life hell, make you want to quit. You feel like there’s no way.

Maybe it’s time to stop. Maybe we should end it. We’re faced with challenges. There are no second chances, no places to go, no online walkthrough to help us.

Eventually we die. No one could care. No one could notice.

Especially myself.

No one should be dragged down by one person.

Eventually we head back to our beginning, except unnoticed, down in the dirt.

And unlike in a video game, there’s no restart button.

I won’t ever be faced with those large questioning letters:



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