Khaki Sam and Suzy Q:
A love too real, regardless of truth,
A codependency, stuck together like glue
From camp to clocktower, I see them through.
The queen to his kingdom,
Little Manhattan, Adam Sandler,
All so bandwagon, oh and Baby Driver,
Hitch, Juno,
and Annie Hall —
I just want to watch them all.
On Netflix, their titles call.
Love in cinema, big and small, finds all.
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.
Tom Hanks gets the girl.
When we first met with Adam Devine,
They all have their own little thing.
My second favorite is Steven and Connie,
Going out together like Clyde and Bonnie.
Root for the underdog, you got his back—
Guys like Steve Carell and John Cusack.
Why do you come back to this TV screen?
How much love have you even seen?
Real world models seem so tense.
Fate seems almost on the fence.
Love is sex and partly fear.
It seems like a lie never really near.
Having a person to work with you, old and new,
When you’re blue—
Wait, that’s weddings. I’m off track.
Don’t worry I’m back.
So what do you do when your model
Of a relationship is soiled?
Who do I look to when I need to know?
Nowhere to go, ask what does it take to love.
Parents split, relationships are s***.
That’s who people are sometimes:
Just another scar, when they become so far
Distant like a star.
What is a relationship?
Two people who care?
Someone to be there?
No longer alone.
Sorry, it appears I’ve droned on.
Role models, I don’t have many.
Toxic, like Forrest and Jenny.
But on TV, there’s plenty,
Like Ross and Rachel with their baby.
So maybe Rom Coms are a quick fix—
Log onto Netflix, love in a few clicks


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