Mad, mad, mad as a hatter. It doesn’t even matter
Because as humans we are full of laughter. But it hurts
When you find out dirt about someone you trust.
If you must, ask “Why, why are you so sad
That you had to do what you did?” Just rub it in, all of it.
Not just most, but go as far as the list goes
Because you were told that a white man
Was good, and that black people are from the hood!
But can a white man who is our so-called president
Stop all the cop violence, the sexual harassment,
The guns in schools and the ones people use?
I’ve said a lot of facts, but that’s not even the max
Of it all. See we as humans all have our falls,
But we get up. If we ain’t in cuffs,
If we ain’t used as tools, to fools,
Who cause damage having power.
So as America, we need for our voices
To be louder, as I became mad as a hatter.


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