When my birthday came I cut off the bow
Then the sides
My brother yelled, said he just wanted to see inside
I don’t remember why or if I’d asked, but my sister put on a play of every time I’d run with scissors around the house

Show and tell at school made my mom unsure because the kids at school had better scissors than I did
She had obsessions too and she didn’t want to ruin mine
Dad would keep me home those days
And I would make snowflakes out of folded up pieces of paper
Just until show and tell was over
But I doubt they went to school the same way I did
Because kids carried their scissors around all day
They put them in my face!

And my mom was right
It broke my 5 year old heart

I think anger came next

Yeah, I would organize.
Blue can belong to you
Give me orange (THAT’S MINE, IT’S JUST MINE)
My mom can have green so she can cut the grass

By the time I was six, mary jane had ruined scissors for me I had ruined her hair
That’s when my mom saw that scissors were not good for me

I told her my room still looks like a snowglobe / She said I was wrong and that she was afraid of an earthquake / it would shake up our whole house and we wouldn’t be able to see for dayz / and once the snow would fall we’d have nowhere to walk.

Give me your pair!

I must’ve lost mine [I didn’t, mine are right here]


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