My parent’s friends are welcomed into my house.
When I didn’t say hi, my dad said, “Sorry, she’s a very shy girl.”

I played the role and hid behind his legs
Later, I learned that no one wants to meet a shy girl.

Once, I didn’t raise my hand in class.
My teacher asked, “why don’t you have anything to say, shy girl?”

I had something to say. It was the answer I had rehearsed in my head.
After school, I sobbed at home. I knew this is why no one likes a shy girl.

My boyfriend always tells me he wants to know what I have to say.
Is he pretending not to mind? I hate being a burden. Hate being a shy girl.

Mom told me to break out of my shell even though she knew she was the same.
I’ve wanted to pretend to not be myself. But even today, I’m still a shy girl.


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