My dad sat me down,
Said something that changed me.
He said never fall in love.
It always comes with a fee.

He said it will beat you up
And leave you crying on the ground,
But it’s a silent killer
And doesn’t make a sound.

He said it’s mentally abusive
And hurts you on the inside,
But it makes you feel special
Like you’re surfing on a tide.

He said he wished someone told him
Because he used to get attached.
He had remembered the first.
He thought they were latched.

He said that when she broke up with him.
He was on one knee.
He had proposed to her.
He thought she was the key

To unlocking his happiness,
but apparently he was wrong.
Now he falls asleep at night
singing a sad song.

He told me not to fall in love—
After it’s over, you are the one who is down.
You’ll be the one on one knee.
You are the one looking like a clown.


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