by AJ

Lights fade on the stage. Looks like the shows over.

Millions of thoughts run through his head.
He awaits a response from the crowd.

His arm shackles are yanked back, pulling him from
his stage of life. Never to hear if the audience
enjoyed the show.

The only face he’ll ever see are those of the demons
that chain what emotions he had left.

They expect him to put on a show then leave.

The ring master is forced to wear his broken smile.

However all they see is his
smiling happy face.
A show-master ready to perform for those who are saddened.

When there are
tight-ropes of happiness, losing our balance could cause
our never-ending sadness.

We fit through our hoops of emotion. People

want him to conform to their sadness,
it’ll be harder and harder as the hoop gets smaller,
nothing will get easy.

He asks you to do one thing:

smile. He’s lost his own, all you see is a broken mask.

Smile for his final show.


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