Difference Makers


In the spirit of recognizing the contributions and hard work of staff, Butler University Staff Assembly annually acknowledges Difference Makers – employees who demonstrate consistent and exemplary service which makes a positive impact at Butler.  Up to six awards are presented each year.

Award Criteria

Any staff member (part and full-time) who has been employed for a minimum of one year and is in good standing with the University is eligible for nomination.  Once a staff member has won, he or she is not eligible to win again for a period of two years.  

Difference Maker may be nominated for a variety of ways in which they have made a difference such as:

  • Participates in programs related to the well-being of the Butler community.
  • Aids in University activities outside of one’s own department.
  • Supports student groups and/or student services.
  • Contributes to student leadership development and/or mentoring of students.
  • Provides support to students and/or families, beyond the expectations of one’s job.
  • Performs an extraordinary act that results in improved quality of service or more cost-efficient service.
  • Gives noteworthy service consistently through determined and competent performance.
  • Offers inspiration and motivation to colleagues, resulting in an increase in their enthusiasm, commitment, and morale.
  • Shows innovation and ability to pivot and be successful during times of great change or challenges, such as the pandemic.

Nomination and Selection

  • Difference Makers may be nominated by any member of the Butler faculty, staff, or student community.
  • Nominations are anonymous 
  • Difference Makers award winners will receive a $500 pre-tax award, to be presented at the State of the University Address during Homecoming weekend and will be invited to an event  honoring their service at the President’s residence

Difference Makers Nomination Form 

If you have any questions or need more information, please email differencemakers@butler.edu.


Award Recipients

Difference Makers are honored for their commitment to excellence and for providing outstanding service to students, staff, faculty, visitors and university clientele. Recipients are nominated by colleagues and are chosen by a committee of the staff assembly. Difference Makers receive a one-time award of $500 and are recognized formally at the annual back to school faculty/staff picnic in August.


  • Job Performance and Attitude
    Pricilla Cobb, Assistant to the Dean-Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Bonnie Danison, Senior Gift and Records Specialist, Advancement Services
  • Making a Difference in the Butler Community
    Mary Hinds, Senior Instructional Designer, Office of the Provost
    Margie Zentz, Administrative Specialist, Maintenance Services
  • Service to Students
    Tracey Mills, Teaching Lab Coordinator Biological Sciences, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    Courtney Rousseau, Career Advisor, Office of Career and Professional Success


  • Job Performance and Attitude
    Shonda Cheever,  Registration & Records
    Rena Duerksen,  College of Liberal Arts & Sciences-Mathematics & Actuarial Science
    Dylan Harmison,  Information Technology 
  • Making a Difference in the Butler Community
    Andrea Scarlett,  University Events
    Kristi Lafree,  Marketing Communications 
  • Service to Students
    Carol Montgomery,  College of Liberal Arts & Sciences-Psychology


  • Cindy Smith – Administrative Specialist, College of Education
  • Anila Din – Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Human Resources
  • Kyle Smith – Assistant Director of the Bulldog Club, Athletics
  • Gustavo Penaloza – Building Services Lead Person, Building Services
  • Dacia Charlesworth – Director of Undergraduate Research and Prestigious Scholarships, Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement
  • Erin Cochard – Academic Program Coordinator, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences


  • Virginia Lippert – Butler Business Consulting Group
  • Jennie Jones – Alumni & Parents Programs -University Advancement
  • Rebecca DeGrazia – Office of the Provost
  • Diane Dubord – Office of Admission
  • Gary Beaulieu – Internship and Career Services
  • Judy Clark – Financial Aid


  • Joey Wohlhieter – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Modern Languages
  • Diana Todd – Butler Business Consulting Group
  • Karen Farrell – College of Education
  • Anne Minnich-Beck – College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, English
  • Lakisha Cooper – Jordan College of the Arts, Theatre
  • Cathy Holland – CHASE


  • Jen Agnew – Programs for Leadership and Service Education
  • David Board – Maintenance Services
  • Laura Green – Admission
  • Chris Davis – Campus Impressions
  • Angie Hewitt – Information Technology
  • Riki Lawrence – Learning Resource Center


  • Sherri Heidenreich – Human Resources Management & Development
  • Mary Ann Huser – Student Affairs (PuLSE Office)
  • Mary Kay Liverett – College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (Physician’s Assistant)
  • Michele Miller – Advancement
  • Charles Truax – Maintenance Services
  • Roy Weese – Information Technology


  • Richard (Dick) Catt
  • Judith Cebula
  • Pam Crea
  • Julie Hoffmann
  • Shelly Rabideau
  • Darlene Waddell


  • Julie Barrett
  • Beth Fontanarosa
  • Lauren Krueger
  • Kathleen Wilkey


  • Coco Acosta
  • Matt Harris
  • Patrick Hurley
  • Rhonda Louks
  • Michael Kaltenmark
  • David McCullough
  • Christeen Price
  • Courtney Tuell


  • Ejuanda Fields
  • Craig Stanley
  • Vicky Rosa
  • Beth Alexander
  • Adrian Shepard


  • Mary Azar Callahan
  • Tyler Johnston
  • Stephanie Judge
  • John Lucas
  • Bob Marcus
  • Julie Pakenham


  • Cara Cima
  • Carol Hagans
  • Jamaica Slicer
  • Vikki Kramer
  • Chris Newkirk
  • Chris O’Donnell
  • Chris Carlson
  • Glen Thoreson
  • Shirley Copple
  • Laura Green


  • Teresa Amberger
  • Judith Cebula
  • Doug Clark
  • Karla Cunningham
  • Mike Gardner
  • Connie Hindman
  • Mary Kay Liverett
  • LaTasha Malone
  • Melissa Trahyn
  • Linda Williams


  • Waple Cumberbatch
  • Dave Selby
  • Carol Reep
  • Levester Johnson
  • MaryEllen Wolfsie
  • Lu Ann Baker
  • Michele Atterson
  • Vicki Devine
  • Andy Ryan
  • Becky Druetzler


  • John Hind
  • Barry Rector
  • Dave Chapman
  • Vicky Rosa
  • Tim Harding
  • Caroline Huck
  • Ed Groves
  • Brenda Caudill
  • Amber Meryman
  • Don Borden