Thursday’s Blog: 25 July 2013

It’s Day 3 for VJF: Just jump in and go:

What I’ve learned since my last blog…
What I want to learn…

Including the facts, my feelings, and my ambitions for the future…

Quotes of the day:
“I think, therefor I am” – Descartes
“I write, therefore I think” – Prof. B
“So Decartes walks into this bar…” – Unknown

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  1. Phillip says:

    I have to say, last night was a ton of fun! We all learned some swing dancing and, numbers being, I got volunteered to teach the women’s – I mean “follower” – steps. Daniel and I were pretty great dance partners, though! We also had a good time on our scavenger hunt on Butler’s campus. We’ll finish seeing everyone’s pictures tonight, but some points for creativity go to team 3 for dancing in the back of tean 2’s “Blue Skies” video.

    Everyone is starting to really get their scores down, but now we’re finding what we need to work on even more. It’s time for Mag, Katherine, and I to step out and metaphorically watch our babies fly! That also gives me a chance to work more closely with our sound engineers/my Schrott work buddies Colin and Zach as well as Dennis, the lead guy at Schrott (and my boss, haha).

    I have to give a huge shout-out to Butler IT for helping us with our MacBook situation yesterday! Everyone can log into their computers now and make some cool tracks on GarageBand. I got to hear the mixes the Beech Grove group was working on last night and I think “CowSkrillexBell” is going to be a masterpiece!

    Now’s crunch time! We’re really close to perfection for our performance tomorrow night! Let’s be awesome!!!

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