At the beginning of the semester the students of Exclusive Ink dove in to new ways of how to write their poetry. They like to  get feedback from their peers and the mentors of how to make their poetry stand out or what words/phrases they should use to make stanzas stand out. The students are very determined when they walk into the room. They instantly begin to let their creativity come alive on paper. The prompts are a great starter for the students to let their imagination flow.

“Such Beauty in One Man’s Laugh” by Daizjha
Money Line: He’s the beginning of the hurricane, the instant from calm to danger.

“Not Serendipitously” by Paula
Money Line: Ambition outweighs the pride, Burdening my mind with impatience.

“Thirteen Ways of Looking at a CD” by Jenny
Money Line: He makes us feel like we are not the only ones with heartbreaks.

“Epiphony (For Men)” by Kyla
Money Line: He sang that song to his family, because somehow he knew that he would not last forever.

Contributed by Dessirae Turner