Courtesy of the newly named Exclusive Ink Shortridge creative writing group:

“The girls I call my sisters will always be on Twitter / They remind me of brown sugar in my apple pie”

“The carbonated enrichment of onomatopoeia” [Poem about the word pop]

“Last time I checked, Santa wore Timberlands like Daddy”

“Wicker baskets full of justice / The old china bickers with the pieces of who we are”

“I hear voices of phantom peers at night / I am dead because I thought my lover was”

“I promise I won’t lie / If I lift you off your feet, you will surely fly”

“I’ll be the perfect angle I have the potential to be / You won’t have to worry as long as you set me free”

“Coco puffs, hot puffs / Criminals walking out in handcuffs” [Poem about Walmart]