The members of Exclusive Ink wasted no time filling up our first board full of awesomeness, so we are now on Money Board, No. 2. Here are the freshest phrases from the minds of Shortridge students (note: the last half are from an exercise where we gave everyone a newspaper and had blacking out words to form a poem):

“We done been through a lot of heartache, no need for excuses / Not one scar on my body, but I still suffer from bruises”

“Watching down on her, his angel wings are now her cover scapegoat / She wears her son’s pride and love, a strong perfume doused in her coat”

“A remembered echo, residue of the event”

“Her body is a test that all men drive and die to perfect”

“Minutes announce pumpin’ fists”

“I’ve got to put the fun back in charity”

“Spirit breaking anger with a chance”

“Troops are scheduled to gallop in October, overwhelming Republicans”

“John McCain killed on the rebound, and Obama said, despite previous predictions, “I’m going in 2012”

“To start a conversation is one of the two things we don’t talk about”

“Today you are listening to classical prison records”

“Kim says Google click cash flow”