Here’s a quick round-up of what Butler students enrolled in the Writing In The Schools course have been saying about Shortridge this semester. We’re really pleased with all their hard work, which has yielded some stellar returns…

Bridgit Goss: I worked with a student on a persuasive essay last week. Although the assignment was challenging and the student felt somewhat overwhelmed, when the student left our session, she thanked me by saying, “No one has ever taken time to help me like that,” which made me feel really good.

Melissa Rangel: I had an absolutely fantastic day at Shortridge on Tuesday. This applies to most days – when 4 o’clock rolls around, I never want to leave. I stay as long as I possibly can because the kids are great. They’re hilarious, and they make me laugh so hard. And they’re so smart and passionate! I’m always spilling over with compliments for them.

Whitney Hass: When I worked with A–, she did a wonderful job writing a short story in her writing notebook, and I was so glad she was willing and excited to present her piece during her first session with the group. I loved the amount of emotion she was able to pack into her work.

Ginnye Cubel: I think my biggest success yesterday was getting J– to read his poem out loud. The student was really intimidated by reading, so I tried to point out places where the sound worked really well and stressed to him how powerful those instances were when spoken aloud. Even though it was just in front of a few of the other tutors and me, it was still exciting!