The students are working on expressing their poems and stories by using their creative abilities. Many chose to write their thoughts down and it ends up being a great starter of a poem. Each idea they have brings their work to new heights as they strengthen their word choice. We have had such a high output here during the first part of the semester, especially from some of our “rookies” that have just joined Exclusive Ink for the first time. Here’s just a taste of the first round of “Money Lines” for the semester.

“Fantastic Dream, New York Living” by Jammonica
Money Line: Strangers faces, lovebirds feathered.

“Can you remember” by Zuri
Money Line: She’s searching for real in the abyss of lies that lay down with her before bed and wake with her every day.

“The One” by Demonte
Money Line: We’re together like blue stripes.

“Fire Drill” by Karetta
Money Line: It was a total catastrophe and cacophony.

“In The Mist” by Brandon
Money Line: Fundamental principles enter an abyss self synopsis. To find oneself if in mist.

Contributed by Dessirae Turner