I really enjoyed our activities on Tuesday. I know I would have had a great time doing them. I thought the first activity was hilarious [Ed. note: click here to see the prompt], even though it seemed somewhat hard for the them to the grasp the concept of a celebrity performing a random yet normal action. But when we moved on to the second activity [Ed. note: an exercise on setting], the ball really started to roll. I worked with K- and I-, and they both did fantastic on the activity. I asked the whole list of questions to them out loud, and both students responded with answers instantly. They didn’t even have to think about the scene – it was already in their head. They described it like it was a real physical place that they’ve been to, and I absolutely loved the results. When I unleashed them on writing and gave them their space, I- wrote up a storm, and K- also did really well. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the students read their work aloud, but I assume they did awesome [Ed. note: they did].

Contributed by Melissa Rangel