loganAs an appetizer to your upcoming Thanksgiving meals, we offer a cornucopia of fresh Exclusive Ink poetry and prose. We’re happy to feature poetry from the younger brother of one of our most decorated former members, who has clearly inherited the same writing genes. And a mystical narrative from one of our youngest and most enthusiastic new writers. And boundary-pushing submissions from our crafty veterans, who are rising to challenges like social justice and surrealism.

“Crisis” by Tyree
Money Line: This isn’t the last of Earth / For I am the passion and the magic in the air.

“The Boy Who Lived” by Taylor
Money Line: Everything is dark. / When they gnaw at his soul, / It feels like they are stabbing him with darts.

“White Noise” by Paula
Money Line: they say I’ve never known racism / because I’m of a light tone / I need more Coppertone at the beach / not extravagant enough in my preaching

“Shatter Me” by Jadon
Money Line: I can’t fathom how much I feel. / Like trying to measure electricity in an eel.

“Cold Acid” by Emily
Money Line: Cartwheels are just handstands /doing sideways somersaults & / I’m just an overgrown / potato that sprouted / arms & legs.

“Everything in Everything” by Katrina
Money Line: I’m an ocean that wants to be a single sock. / I’m a shotgun shell that wants to be a kiss.

“Light Hider” by Jammonica
Money Line: His claw was sharp, like a split harp. Then I realized he was aiming for my heart.