As part of the Literary Journal/Creative Writing group, we’ve created a Money Board for the students to help share and immortalize their “money” lines, the moments of inspiration that, quite frankly, we would have been proud to come up with ourselves. There is no shortage of intellectual and insightful teenagers at Shortridge. We’re thrilled to be able to help shape their always-expanding minds.

Here are some sample lines of poetry from the Money Board, based on an exercise we led the group through last week where each student wrote about the various objects our tutors brought in, ranging from a picture of Batman to a cat statue:

“I stretch out my feelings / I¬†come alive”

“I am Buddha / A silhouette of a duck”

“When I slide on your finger, a puppet I could have been”

“I’m 20/20 clear like a pair of glasses / so call me a cat with four eyes”

“The sun and the moon are jealous / I broke their hearts”

“My whiskers still move / While the sound of my roar still grooves”

“I’m in a darker hole than an old smoker’s pipe”