Kat works on a poem.It’s been a great semester for the Writing In The Schools project. Although we’re mostly proud of packing in more students for our after-school Exclusive Ink group and witnessing the amazing strides they seem to make each week, we’re also appreciative of the recent publicity that our program has received.

In the past month alone, an article highlighting our Jefferson Award graced the front page of the Butler University website, the Butler Collegian published a feature about the development of Writing In The Schools, and the Shortridge Daily Echo stopped by our room for the Q and A.

Although we’re not in it for the attention, seeing the word spread about our program helps to validate the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, who have made Writing In The Schools a force to be reckoned with. Also, we never get tired of talking about how awesome the Shortridge students are. It’s great that people outside of the school are starting to take note.