jadon and jerry-1

While we all love working with our individual students and hearing their unique voices at the end of the day, we sometimes forget that working in groups helps to produce some really stellar work. There have been several occasions recently when we’ve decided to try a different dynamic and have the students work in larger groups. Some of the results have been awesome, producing some individual and collaborative pieces, which always make for engaging performances. Here’s what our Butler mentors have been saying about the past few weeks:

Dorene Hinton: On Thursday, I worked with the biggest group ever. In this group everyone had their own opinions on how the writing should be set up. It took a lot of convincing and input into the story to form the writing and the performance. Everyone seemed excited to perform and enjoyed the theme. Overall, it was a very interesting experience, and I was excited that they all contributed to the story!

Katee Rice: It was nice working with M— and J—. We worked together really well. M— really tried to stay true to the prompt, and that was nice. I thought the poem they came up with together was really lovely.

Gerry Justice: J— started to write a tribute to himself, and ended up with five or six lines about his father. F—, sitting to my right, wrote a heartfelt tribute to servicemen in general, and then wrapped it up nicely with a connection to his brother, who served in the military.

Compiled by Luke Wortley