BUSF Parking Contest!

We know you’re tired of looking for a parking spot. So why not bid on a RESERVED parking spot! There are spots for campus residents, commuters, and faculty/staff. Bids are being accepted until January 24th at 5pm via email to parkingcontest@butler.edu. You can check the current winning bids at www.butler.edu/parkingcontest

Good luck and happy bidding!

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BUSF Spirit Week!

This year’s spirit week from November 10-14th is going to be even bigger than last year!! Come to the various events throughout the week for contests, free giveaways, and to support the Dawgs!

This video covers all of the awesome events happening during SPIRIT WEEK!

Saturday, Nov. 10: 12-2 pm Tailgate before the game in the
Living Room of the HRC. FREE FOOD!!

Monday, Nov. 12: 10-3pm Come to the Gazebo to sign a
banner and for FREE giveaways.
Also participate in the class competition
today! Each class has a certain color to
wear and by wearing that color you will get
points for your class!

Freshman- Baby Blue
Sophomores- Black
Juniors- Black
Seniors- Navy Blue

Sign in at the gazebo to get points!

Tuesday, Nov. 13: 10-3pm Come to the Gazebo to sign a
banner and for FREE giveaways.

4-6pm Come to PB150 for a viewing party
to watch the bulldogs beat Xavier!

Wednesday, Nov 14: 10-3pm Come to the Gazebo to sign a
banner and for FREE giveaways.

4pm Time Capsule Reveal!! Come to the
first floor of Jordan Hall on the East side
to see what’s inside a time capsule found
behind the date stone for Jordan Hall
from 20-30 years ago! Also, win a
chance to put something back into the
time capsule by having the most creative
traditions pictures.

Everyday at the gazebo will be PENNY WARS! Put any amount of money you want in your class bucket. The money will be put into the BUSF bulldog in starbucks. Your donations will help maintain Hinkle Fieldhouse’s historic look, and improve facilities for student-athletes and fans!

ALL WEEK take pictures or yourself doing Butler Traditions to win a chance to get your picture in the time capsule. The most creative picture will be put in. Post them to the BUSF (Butler University Student Foundation) facebook page!

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Butler Homecoming Traditions

Check out this great video made by BUSF members to reflect on homecoming traditions of the past and present! It’s fun to see how traditions have changed from the past until now.

Homecoming is October 20th, 2012 at 6pm, and it’s going to be a fantastic time. Hope to see Butler students and alumni out there at the Butler Bowl supporting the Dawgs! Go Butler!

BUSF Love to everyone involved with homecoming this year!


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Pride in Tradition

There are plenty of activities that fraternities and sororities host throughout the school year that keeps everyone on campus busy.  One event that not many people know about is Sigma Gamma Rho’s stroll off.  Sigma Gamma Rho is an all black sorority that was founded at Butler University.  For any fellow Greeks reading this blog yes, that means that Butler University is home to the Alpha chapter!

A really cool way that the women of Sigma Gamma Rho get other Greek houses to show their pride is by hosting an awesome stroll off competition.  What is a stroll off?  That can only be answered by clicking on the link to this video:

Kappa Alpha Psi Stroll Off

By participating in Sigma Gamma Rho’s stroll off for the first time, I was surprised to find that instead of worrying about having a plot or theme to the dance it was all centered on tradition.  Participating groups are expected to represent their organization in the best way and show off their unique symbols.

This message speaks to all Butler students and alumni.  The pride that we have in Butler University is something that we should share with others.  There are so many wonderful traditions on Butler’s campus that many not many other schools have (like having a birthday party with 1500 cupcakes for your mascot!!).

The women of the alpha chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho are proud to be members at the founding university of their organization.  Participating in their event made me proud to be a part of my sorority, but more importantly a proud student at Butler University.


Jess Giaquinto

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BUSF Video Blog: Blue II’s Birthday and Bulldog Jog

Click here to check out our very first BUSF Video Blog – all about Blue II’s Birthday and Bulldog Jog!


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Freshman Skits

Freshman Skits 2012 proved just as exciting as ever with this year’s theme of “Butler Olympics”. The individual houses each interpreted the theme a little differently which made for interesting enactments of armies decked out in togas, various sporting events, and even the arrival of Zeus himself!

Every year, Freshman Skits is a competition put on the the Blue Key Honor Society that takes place between the new member classes of the greek houses on campus. Each must create a skit consisting of dialogue, music, and some crazy dance moves to preform before a panel of judges and the whole school in Hinkle Fieldhouse. The audience support this year was fantastic! There was constant cheering and screaming which made the event exciting for all involved. The atmosphere created during the event really shows the extent to which Butler students take pride in their houses and their school.


This year, the competition was fierce, with much speculation about who would win. When it was all said and done, Delta Gamma came out on top for the sororities, and Lambda Chi Alpha took top prize for the fraternities. More important than the victors, however, was the over $1,000 that was raised for Butler Philanthropic groups Help Heal Haiti and Wish Makers. Freshman Skits never fails create some good competition for the sake of strengthening the Butler spirit and giving back!


Bryant Dawson

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Introducing: Butler Blue III!

The Blue III (Trip) sensation is upon us. Although the hype isn’t as big as Linsanity in New York, Trip certainly is making headlines within the Indianapolis metropolitan area. Just a few weeks ago, Butler University announced the arrival of Blue II’s understudy. Within days, a media frenzy arose from a Trip twitter account to a Facebook page, even photo galleries of the husky bulldog on most of the local television and news networks.

There was no question Butler University was proud to unveil the photogenic pup at the men’s basketball game on February 18th in historic Hinkle Field House. A record selling crowd packed in to cheer on the dawgs in hopes of another run in an at-large bid for the NCAA tournament, but many more came to catch a glimpse at Butler’s new top dog. If you haven’t been following Butler’s new family addition, be sure to catch up at the following links.

To follow Trip on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ButlerBlue3

To like Trip on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Butler-Blue-III/344497095578675

Blue II and Blue III

BUSF Love and Go DAWGS!

Morgan Lively

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It’s the most dreaded five-letter word for a college student. The fact that you have a test that is potentially cumulative for a whole semester in a given class, not to mention that you take multiple classes. Sometimes finals week can be easy, depending on your major and what grade you’re in. Some students only have one or two finals, or maybe even none if you’re lucky. Most people aren’t that lucky and usually end up with a few tests during the last week.

While most people paint finals week to be the most miserable time of their lives, with all nighters fueled by RedBull or countless 5 Hour Energy drinks, this is definitely not the case. What some people forget about is that they don’t have classes during finals week. You can wake up whenever you want, so long as you don’t have a test that day, and start studying whenever you’d like to. Now does this mean that you should study all day just cause you have the free time? Of course not, enjoy your day, work out, go to lunch, spend some time with friends. The more you can do to relieve stress for short periods of time the better off you’ll be. Butler even offers ways to take a step back and slow down the whirlwind going through your mind during finals week. They offer a late night breakfast for any student at the dining hall and they gave away a free iPad. The university has brought in puppies for a couple hours to the HRC for students to play with another day during the week if they’d like to. If none of this sounds too appealing to you to relieve stress, think of it like this. Let’s say you’re real ambitious (and I’m saying real ambitious for a college student), you could start studying at 8 am and before lunch you may have studied for 4 hours already. If you take an hour lunch break and start back up at 1 pm, and then study until dinner at 6, that’s another 5 hours. You would have already studied 9 hours in one day, and if you need more time than that to study for a final you still have the evening.

While finals can be stressful, especially when all you want to do is go on winter break, they really aren’t as bad as they seem. Be sure to take the time to have some fun and do things for yourself in order to make the week a little more bearable.


Ryan Medas

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Life as a BUSF New Member

It’s pretty cool being a freshman BUSF member. The whole experience of getting in is definitely something spectacular. To get into BUSF, you have to first fill out an application. Pretty simple.  Then, hopefully you get to an interview. The personal interview (one on one) is pretty simple, all you have to do is just relax and be comfortable and you’ll do fine.  Not to scare you but its the group interview that will shake you up a little… just because there are four interviewers.  But, it’s a good thing that all the attention is not all on you and at least you’re greeted with a bunch of friendly smiles when you get there.  If you’re lucky, sometimes you have a good friend sitting right there next to you in the interview.

But overall,  its just great being a part of the organization. I got to meet some great young alums at Rejoice a couple of Saturdays ago.  Now, I really feel like I’m a part of Butler since I’m in BUSF!

Shout out to Ryan Love for telling me about the organization. Everybody have an awesome year of 2012!


Jordan Patterson

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Butler Basketball

When I was a freshman last year, I always heard about how awesome the 2010 Final Four team was, all of the stories from camping outside of Lucas Oil, and the party on Hampton. I thought I had missed out on the highest point in Butler basketball history. I was wrong! Last year was the year we truly won over the heart of the nation. I attended every home game and cheered in the Dawg Pound. Hinkle Fieldhouse has to be one of the best places in the nation to watch basketball in general, not just college basketball. I love the old-school atmosphere without the big mega boards and illegal NCAA recruiting violations. We do things the way they were meant to be done, with honesty and hard work. That is why I love this school and this basketball program.

We have one of the most lovable mascots in the nation with Blue II. However, I honestly don’t like the appearance of Hink. He looks outdated and a little sloppy. The athletic department should consider a Hink makeover, but that is probably the only negative thing I can say about this school.

Brad Stevens should be in contention for coach of the year every year. Although there are some high quality players on his squad, he doesn’t bring in 5-star, ESPN 100, McDonald’s All-Americans that leave for the NBA after their freshman year. He brings in hardworking guys that our school can be proud of. His preparation for every game is so complex, but it proves worthwhile when we can compete with anyone in the nation. His composure on the sideline shows humility, one of the core values of “The Butler Way”. He doesn’t make the game all about him by screaming up and down the court, although it is quite funny when he gets mad.

I can go on and on about this school and basketball program, but it is hard to filter my thoughts. I thought this went really well for a first-time blogger. Stay tuned for future blogs! I’ll be writing about the Dawg Pound, my 2011 Final Four Houston trip (the things I can actually talk about :)), and this year’s adventure with this team.

BUSF Love and Go Dawgs!

Joey Przybylinski

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