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Introducing the CFV Intern Podcast: College Well

Taking care of your health and well-being is often challenging for college students. It’s hard to prioritize wellness when there are so many other things going on. The CFV Communications intern is launching a new podcast called “College Well” with the goal of exploring the question: “how do I take care of myself in college?” […]

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Valuing Similarities and Differences

by Rachael Jacobs  Over this past semester I had an internship with Catholic Charities teaching English to refugees. For this blog post I have decided to talk about the part of my experience that was both the most rewarding and the most challenging. About halfway through the semester, as I wrote one of my journal […]

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Communications for a Good Cause: Gaining appreciation for the CFV’s mission

by Julia Bluhm My communications internship at the CFV this semester not only helped me build my communications skills, but it helped me better understand my own sense of vocation and what kind of career I’m interested in. Aside from gaining tons of experience in graphic design, social media marketing, and making continuous social media […]

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