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Know What Your Customers Need

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It’s an annual business ritual…starting off the new quarter with efforts dedicated to advancing the company. We develop our annual plan, create goals and design budgets. In our annual planning, one aspect that is often overlooked by companies is capturing the “voice of the customer.”

Find what makes your customers tick and translate that feedback into better planning and execution for success in 2018.

The Butler Business Consulting Group’s Voice of the Customer Analysis will help you:

  • Understand customers’ motivations and desires
    • Prioritize company goals related to new product/service offerings
    • Test new ideas/solutions
    • Discover unmet needs that you are uniquely able to fulfill

This Voice of the Customer Analysis is part of the larger strategy work we do for clients within one of our areas of practice. We can provide you quick access to just the customer analysis results to help you develop your 2018 strategies. The analysis includes 10 half-hour interviews with your customers, a customized survey distributed to your clients and/or prospects, survey analytics report and a qualitative trend report.

Understanding the needs of your customers is critical; are you listening? Let us help you find out what your customers want. Contact us today by emailing consulting@butler.edu or calling 317-940-6517 to reserve your company’s spot for this analysis.