The Building begins!

The Lightboard equipment and frame construction begins in IL006 today.  After a slight delay with the shipping of a few pieces of equipment, construction is back on track. The lighting brackets are mounted and all parts and equipment have arrived except the glass for the Lighboard.  IT staff and student workers have been testing the video camera image reversal and the custom software setup in their work space and today will begin moving the equipment and putting together the custom stand in the Lightboard room. We learned that the switch box we are using has data storage so we will be able to store templates for faculty to project onto the Lighboard for annotation or titles. We will be experimenting with this new functionality later this week.

The last step in the construction process will be to have the glass manufactured and installed. We are planning to have the Lightboard up and running for the Open House event on February 23rd.  Stay tuned for more information!!

This is the exciting part, seeing it all start coming together.