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Livin’ on a Prayer

Oh, I’m half way there. It’s hard to believe that I am already 6 weeks in and being home is 6 weeks out. I haven’t blogged in two weeks. I’m not sure I can even remember what I did two weeks ago…I’ll have to look through pictures to keep my blog up to date.  In […]

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March has begun

It was very strange writing “March” on the board yesterday. February flew by, which means I have been here for a month already! It’s pretty hard to believe…and that means I only have two months left. :/ The beginning of March also means that I am half-way through my teaching time here, too. I cannot […]

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Its a Thursday

Today just seems like one of those days where you have to take a breath and just brush it off your shoulders. I was able to sleep in this morning (since we run MWF), so that was lovely. When Kathryn and I made it to school, I went upstairs to take my lunch to the […]

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10 to 9

Its a Saturday morning, and I have been up since 7:30. I guess that’s what happens when your body is on a schedule every other day of the week. Today marks an official 2 weeks of being here in New Zealand. I am still very happy to be where I am and doing what I […]

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(no title)

I just spent about 5 minutes trying to be creative and make up a title for this blog…however, my creative juices aren’t flowing, so I gave up and started typing this. Now, I simply decided to name it, “(no title).” Anyway, today is only Tuesday, and I am already feeling good about this week. Yesterday […]

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Sunny Day, Eh?

Today marks an official week of me living in New Zealand. There are times when I can’t believe its already been a week and other times where it definitely feels like it has been a full week. I was lucky enough to have my first week with a holiday, so it made the week a […]

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The New Zealand Way

Well I have been here for about 5 days now, and I have already experienced “heaps” of New Zealand. I have already done the following: Met All of Kathryn’s family; her brother & his family, and her sister & her family; which included two “barbies” (BBQ) Met Lyndon’s dad (this morning at breakfast) Traveled through […]

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As most of you know, I will be embarking on a journey to New Zealand in 11 days. I have been having quite the interesting battle trying to get my visa arranged (which is still in the making), and I am hoping that it is all resolved in at least a week, but I’ll take […]

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