Technical Specifications

Live Sound Equipment List


1x Midas Verona 32 Channel – Front of House
1x Mackie 1202


1x dBX 231 Graphic EQ – Monitors
1x Klark Technik DN504 Quad Compressor – inserts
1x Klarck Technik DN514 Quad Gate – inserts
1x Lexicon MPx1 Multi Effects processor
1x Audia BiAmp System processor – Pre-Tuned (non-controllable by user)
1x Tascam CD1U – CD Player
8 Channel Recording – ProTools


EV EVA2082s Stereo Line Array System (powered: Crown CTS2000)
1x Danley TH118i Subwoofer (powered: Crown CTS3000)
6x Danley SH-100 Delay fill speakers (powered: Crown CTS3000 per 3)
8x QSC K12 Monitor Wedges


4x Shure SM58
4x Shure SM57
5x Shure SM81
2x Superlux SMK-H8k
1x Superlux s502 ORTF Stereo Pair
2x Audix Micro series Choral mics w/stands
3x Bartlett PCC mics
2x ULX G1 Wireless microphones (handheld or lav)

  • 1-Beta 58 Handheld
  • 1-Shure TieTac
  • 1-Countryman E6 Lav


4x Ultimate Support Speaker Stands
8x Atlas Sound Round Base Stands
5x K&M Boom Tripod Stands
3x Atlas Sound Boom Tripod Stands
2x Tabletop/Kick Stands (no boom)

Additional Power for Sound

100A 3 Phase 208V Wye Company Box

Stage Equipment List


Total of 38 J.R. Clancy powered line-sets
3 Dedicated to Orchestra Shell Ceiling
35 Automated variable speed general purpose line-sets with the following ratings

  • 1 1/2″ batten
  • 82′ length
  • 0′ to 120′ per minute variable speed
  • 2000lb. maximum loading
  • maximum vertical height of batten 46’5″

Control is via a J.R. Clancy SC500 Control Desk

Lighting Equipment List


ETC Ion 1000 channel with 20 sub-master fader wing


278 ETC Sensor III 2.4kw Dimmers


24 – 19 degree ETC Source 4 750W
36 – 26 degree ETC Source 4 750W
36 – 36 degree ETC Source 4 750W
60 – Par 64 1000W cans with wide, medium, narrow, and very narrow lamps
7 – 3 cell far cyc 1000W
2 – 1500 altspots follow spots

Lighting Network

ETC net/Art net distributed widely in the performance space

Additional power for lighting

1 – 400A 3 phase 208V Wye Company Box

Stage Dimensions

Width: 56′
Height: 32′
Depth, Proscenium plaster line to back wall: 40′
Depth, Proscenium: 23″
Depth, Downstage plaster line to edge of pit: 4’9″
Offstage space from Proscenium to stage left wall: 22′
Offstage space from Proscenium to stage right wall: 22′
Full width of stage: 100′

Soft Goods List

Main Valence IFR Velour 13′ High x 64′ Wide 50% fullness.
Main Curtain IFR Velour 22′ High x 84′ Wide 50% as traveler.