Two simple words - “Stay Positive”

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Eric Day is a survivor of cancer who has undergone two surgeries, a relapse, and radiation to fight brain cancer, and is a positive figure in peoples lives. For someone who is such a positive light for so many others, he has his own personal positive light in Allison. Little Allison is a girl suffering from perimenigeal aveolar rhabdomyosarcoma cancer, whom Eric met while at Jill’s House, a temporary housing facility for patients being treated at the Indiana University Health Proton Therapy Center in Bloomington, IN. Together at Jill’s House, Allison and Eric became close friends and grew an emotional bond to one another.

After fighting his remarkable fight with cancer, Eric Day was able to leave Jill’s House and return home. Before leaving, Allison wrote Eric a letter with the message “Stay Positive” signed at the bottom in her best handwriting; these two amazing people enjoy spreading this new motto together. They realized that in life, you can’t control most things, but you CAN control one thing…your attitude.

Now, Eric spreads this message to you through this merchandise. Life will be a lot better with a positive attitude and this merchandise will stand as a daily reminder of that to you. All of the proceeds from this merchandise will be donated to our Stay Positive scholarship fund.

Ever since that day, Eric has wanted to spread the word and remind people to stay positive. Life will be a lot better with a positive attitude. He has created blue wristbands to help remind people to keep a positive attitude. You can purchase your bands today directly through this site.

Stay positive my friends.