Peer Advocates

Learn about studying abroad from a student perspective. Our peer advocates are study abroad alumni and would love to help you with your own study abroad process! Reach out to someone who has the same major as you, went on a program you’re interested in, or that you’re just interested in chatting with!

Alexis Rice
ISEP Exchange – Universite de Lille

  • Major: Secondary Education & Mathematics, Minor: French
  • Program Location: Lille, France
  • Going abroad was a dream come true for Alexis, and she felt so lucky to be able to have made those memories and fulfill so many things while abroad. She was able to grow so much personally and also gain such an incredible new outlook on life from more of a world perspective. Her advice for people thinking about going abroad is this: one, do it. It will be the highlight of my college experience and is thus far the coolest thing she has done in life. Two, take every opportunity while abroad to meet people, immerse yourself in the cultures, and to try every new food you can.

Kayla Erpenbeck
3rd Party Provider: LAMDA (London Academy for Music + Dramatic Arts)

  • Major: Theatre
  • Program Location: London, England
  • Kayla studied abroad in London, England for the fall semester of 2021. At LAMDA, she studied Classical Acting with 30 other students from all over the world. Kayla loved studying abroad because she got to experience life in a different part of the world and gained a lot of independence over the course of her time there.  Her best piece of advice to future students studying abroad is to go where you want to go and not feel pressured to go where your friends are going. The best experiences that Kayla had in her time abroad had been when she had the freedom to go and do whatever she felt like doing without the pressure of a big group of people. Kayla is excited about being a peer advocate so that she can give other students the courage to go off into the world and have the best experiences of their lives!

Emma Cunnea
Faculty Led Semester in Spain

  • Major: Communication Sciences and Disorders and Spanish
  • Program Location: Spain
  • While in Spain, Emma was immersed in the Spanish culture and language, taking classes in Spanish and living with a host mom. Her favorite part about her semester abroad was having the opportunity to travel around Europe and making new friendships.

Raziya Hillery
Butler Semester In Spain

  • Major: Political Science and International Studies, Spanish Minor
  • Program Location: Alcalá, Spain
  • Some of her favorite parts about studying abroad were building connections abroad, noticing all the political and governmental changes happening in Spain, and taking excursions around Europe. Her best advice is to plan, keep an open mind, and take advantage of every opportunity.

Melanie Klaben
3rd Party Provider- IES Abroad Paris Business + Int’l Affairs

  • Major: Management Information Systems & Int’l Business Majors, Minor: French
  • Program Location: Paris, France
  • Melanie loved meeting people from all over the world, traveling around Europe, and being immersed in the French culture. She has a new appreciation for languages and cultures after building connections with such a diverse group of people. She also enjoyed stepping out of her comfort zone and becoming more independent.

Andrew Roese
Butler Semester in Spain

  • Major: Accounting, Minor: Spanish
  • Program Location: Alcalá, Spain
  • Andrew loved going abroad because of the close relationships he gained with other students and professors. He thinks students going abroad should keep an open mind and try to immerse themselves with the people around them. Andrew is very excited to help students work toward having the greatest experience of their lives. 

Annekah Connolly
Butler Semester in Spain

  • Major: International Business & Marketing Majors, Spanish Minor
  • Program Location: Alcalá, Spain
  • Annekah studied abroad in the Fall semester of her Junior year at Butler and absolutely loved it! Living in Europe was a truly unique experience, and one she’ll forever remember. Her favorite part about being abroad was the proximity of everything, both locally and otherwise – being able to take public transportation or walk everywhere & being able to visit other countries on the weekends. Her advice is to dream big about where you want to go, be ready to embrace new experiences, and to pack accordingly (layers, Spain was NOT as warm as expected!). 

Jacqueline Bickhaus
Faculty-led Semester in Spain

  • Major: Middle/Secondary Education and Spanish, Minor: English as a New Language and Sport Coaching
  • Program Location: Alcalá, Spain
  • Going abroad was undoubtedly the best part of Jacqueline’s college experience so far. She had always dreamt of living in Spain, and studying there for four months not only lived up to her expectations, but exceeded them. Not only did her Spanish grow, but her confidence, cultural awareness, and spontaneity did as well. She learned to live in the moment, take advantage of every opportunity, and would redo this program again in a heartbeat if she could (just ask her friends and family, she incorporates it into every conversation!). Her best advice to students who are considering going abroad but are iffy: do it!!! You will not regret it, and in a very cliche manner, will come home a changed person for the better.