Butler Writers is an experience. You may think you’re ready, but you have no idea what you’re getting into when you step into this classroom. Stepping out of your comfort zone is not only encouraged but required. You may need to use some skills you don’t use during the average school day, but that all comes with the territory for a group of students as special as this one.

You will definitely need to come with a creative attitude as we encourage writing, drawing, singing, dancing, rapping, instrumentals, and more. We won’t judge if you can’t sing or dance… (I can’t do either). You should probably bring some paper, a pencil, your brain, and maybe an electronic device; you never know when you might need to look up some obscure details for a story. Beware of making too much out of a bad day and be wary of burning yourself out early on in the semester (it happens.) You should also bring a compassionate heart and big, heaping dose of empathy, as Butler Writers is a safe space to laugh, learn, love, and collaborate with your peers and with some crazy people you’ll meet along the way.

The most important part of the recipe for Butler Writers success though is your ability to improvise. Nothing is ever quite as it seems and nothing is ever easy or simple. This is one of the most special groups of kids you’ll ever meet or work with but you have to put in the effort. From Day 1, you won’t be able to just coast through this experience. You’re going to need to put in some hard work and effort if you want to receive love and support in return. While this may seem hard at first, just remember the reward that waits for you at the end of the tunnel: a group of students who look up to you like you’re a trusted friend and advisor. There is no limit to what you and your mentees can achieve.

Kyle Lang is a senior Political Science major.